WEBCONFERENCE 2020: HeLLo – Heritage Energy Living Lab Onsite

WEBCONFERENCE 2020: HeLLo – Heritage Energy Living Lab Onsite

Foto: Palazzo Tassoni Estense. Lungoleno / Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0


Projektet HeLLo håller sin slutkonferens online i september. Under konferensen kommer resultat från projektet, som fokuserat på att testa olika isoleringsmaterial i kulturhistoriska byggnader, presenteras.

28 September 2020 kl. 14.30-18.30 (italiensk tid)

Fullständigt program och anmälningsinformation hittar du här.


Information om projektet:

The HeLLo project aims at spreading the awareness of professionals (architects, public administrations, superintendents, end-users) and the knowledge of the real potential of some retrofit solutions in the case of intervention on historic buildings. Today’s construction market offers many varied technologies designed specifically for new buildings. However, it is not always possible to make these generalizations due to potential incompatibilities or criticalities that are difficult to foresee during the design phase.

The project intends to create a true experimental laboratory, in which to test directly on a historical case study the performance of some insulating materials in order to obtain real data, useful for the design of the interventions. In situ tests will be conducted in Palazzo Tassoni Estense in Ferrara (headquarters of the Department of Architecture), a monumental building of considerable architectural interest.

Läs mer på: https://hellomscaproject.eu/


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