Doktorandtjänst inom Spara och bevara

Doktorandtjänst inom Spara och bevara

Luleå tekniska universitet söker just nu en doktorand inom Spara och bevara-projektet Pro.Per.Her – Prosumenters perspektiv i kulturarvsdistrikt.

Sweden’s national targets to achieve 100% renewable electricity production by 2040 and be carbon neutral by 2045 pose several challenges to both urban and rural areas that have historic and cultural values. The installation of new energy technologies (e.g., PV) in these contexts for the building and urban adaptation to climate change could be controversial if their heritage values are to be preserved. This project aims to develop, test, and assess an approach by which local communities living and/or working in the context of historic urban and rural landscapes are motivated to take active part in the climate and energy transformations of their buildings and urban environments.

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