RIBuild needs feedback

RIBuild needs feedback

Photo: Attic insulation, Pryssgränd. Photografer: Ingrid Johansson, 2004. Stockholms stadsmuseum / Stockholmskällan.


RIBuild is a EU research project that develops guidelines on how to install internal thermal insulation in historic buildings while maintaining their architectural and cultural heritage. The purpose is to reduce energy consumption in historic buildings in order to meet the EU 2020 climate and energy targets.

Right now, the project develops a new website with guidelines, a tool box and knowledge base regarding internal insulation in historic buildings. The project leaders wants feedback on the website through a survey before launching it. Everyone with an interest are welcome to participate in the survey.

Use this link to the website: https://cylinder-lettuce-6xm3.squarespace.com/

and use the following password: ribuild2020

Afterwards, please fill out the questions in this survey: https://ribuild.wufoo.com/forms/m1p2cjl17ekii3/

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