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Indoor environmental data collection started in the City Theatre, the City Museum, and the Auditorium in Norrköping

Photo: Three sensor boxes under verification. These sensor boxes are developed for collecting indoor environmental data such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, dust concentration, air quality, and vibration.

The project “Digitalization framework for energy optimization and smart maintenance of historic buildings” has been progressing and collecting indoor environmental data with our own-developed sensor box with multiple sensors together with an edge platform.

Today, many historic buildings are still places for holding various public activities. Therefore, it is important to consider human comfort when optimizing the energy efficiency of those historic buildings. Continuous monitoring of indoor environmental conditions contributes to evaluating human comfort, perceiving users’ behaviour, and improving the control strategy of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems to ultimately optimize energy efficiency.

In this project, the developed sensor box is composed of an edge platform and five sensors to collect indoor environmental data. The collected data is periodically uploaded to a cloud database for further analysis and utilization. Artificial intelligence (AI) can be created with machine learning based on collected and saved data. The below pictures show the deployed sensor boxes in the three historic public buildings.


Photographer: Shaofang Gong and Zhongjun Ni.

Read more about the project.


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