Inbjudan till disputation

Inbjudan till disputation

Den 16 juni kl 13.00 disputerar Petra Eriksson på sin avhandling Balancing Building Conservation with Energy Conservation – Towards differentiated energy renovation strategies in historic building stocks i Kulturvård vid Göteborgs universitet.

Opponent är professor Giovanna Franco, Dipartimento architettura e design, Università di Genova, Italien.

Betygsnämnden består av associate professor Riin Alatalu, Eesti Kunstiakadeemia, Tallinn, Estland, professor Folke Björk, Institutionen för byggvetenskap, KTH, Stockholm, professor emerita Kerstin Barup, Institutionen för arkitektur och byggd miljö, LTH, Lunds universitet samt docent Henrik Ranby, Institutionen för kulturvård, Göteborgs universitet (ersättare).

Ordförande är professor Ingegärd Eliasson, Institutionen för kulturvård, Göteborgs universitet.

Disputationen äger rum i Hörsalen Institutionen för kulturvård, Guldhedsgatan 5C, Göteborg samt på zoom (länk finns på dagen innan disputationen). Det finns möjlighet för ett mycket begränsat antal personer att följa disputationen på plats i Hörsalen. För anmälan, kontakta


”Balancing building conservation with energy conservation is challenging. The overall aim of this thesis is to bridge the perceived conflict of reaching climate and energy goals on the one hand and the goals of a sustainable management of historic building stocks on the other hand. Historic buildings constitute an important representation of the built heritage, and make up a large part of the total building stock. Within the historic building stock, there are opportunities for energy efficiency improvements that can, and should, be undertaken in order to contribute to climate and energy goals. However, changes due to energy improvement measures need to be made without damaging or destroying the heritage values that are embodied in, and represented by, historic buildings. For this to happen, heritage values need to be identified, acknowledged and articulated in a systematic and transparent manner in order to be balanced with other interests when assessing energy saving potential in relation to building conservation requirements. Three areas are of importance to move the issue of balancing building conservation with energy conservation from building level to building stock level. These are 1) adapted decision support processes for historic building stocks, 2) methods to integrate aspects of heritage values for decision support processes, and 3) building stock analysis aiming at developing differentiated energy renovation strategies for historic building stocks. Decision-support processes have been developed and tested for buildings and building stocks. On building level, the proposed process allows for interaction between a quantitative assessment of the techno-economic optimisation and a qualitative assessment of vulnerability and risks. On building stock level, categorisation to produce archetype buildings, restrictions with regard to heritage values and extrapolation of results from the optimisation are added to the process. The building stock analysis visualises the relationship between different segments of a selected historic building stock and thereby shows the need for differentiated energy renovation goals and strategies that reflect the diversity of the building stocks. The results provide not only a method to develop differentiated energy renovation strategies, but also argue for the need for coherent and coordinated information about the historic building stock. As a conclusion, my thesis has shown how to support informed decisions that balance energy conservation with building conservation for both individual buildings and building stocks. Further development is needed towards standardised decision support processes for historic building stocks that include the trade-off between preservation of heritage values and energy efficiency”.

Hela avhandlingen kan laddas ner här.


”Petra Eriksson is lecturer in building conservation at Uppsala University Campus Gotland. Balancing building conservation with energy conservation – Towards differentiated energy renovation strategies in historic building stocks is her doctoral thesis written at the Department of Conservation, University of Gothenburg”.


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