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Deep renovation of historic buildings towards lowest possible energy demand and CO2 emission

Tor Broström participates in the first  International Energy Agency Task 59 : DEEP RENOVATION OF HISTORIC BUILDINGS TOWARDS LOWEST POSSIBLE ENERGY DEMAND AND CO2 EMISSION (NZEB). The meeting takes place in Edinburgh

The Objectives of the Task are to

  • Develop a solid knowledge base on how to save energy by refurbishing historic buildings in a cost-efficient way.
  • Identify the energy saving potential for historic buildings according to building typologies (residential, administrative, cultural…)
  • Identify and assess replicable procedures on how experts can work together to produce integrated designs which retain the values of the historic building whilst improving its energy performance significantly
  • Identify and advance tools which support these procedures and their single steps
  • Identify and assess conservation-compatible retrofit strategies using a “whole building approach”
  • Identify specifically the potential for the use of solar energy (passive and active, heating, cooling and electricity) and promote best practice applications
  • Transfer knowledge.


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